Stop Creditor Harassment

Are you fed up with creditor harassment? Are they calling you at home and at work, at all hours of the day, over and over again, asking you the same questions about when you are going to pay back what you owe? You have explained over and over that you are doing your best, but that answer does not seem good enough for them. Time to make the calls stop.

Bankruptcy Stops Creditor Harassment Immediately

At The Tran Law Firm in Columbia, we can help you put an immediate stop to creditor harassment by filing bankruptcy. When you file bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect. This stay bars creditors from taking any further action against you. They can no longer call you. They can no longer send letters.

The best part is that this is not temporary. Bankruptcy is intended to be a permanent solution. Once you have been through the process and your debt has been discharged, you will be able to sleep soundly at night without having to worry about spending the next day answering harassing phone calls from creditors and trying to explain yourself once again.

When you choose our law firm, you will benefit from the 15-plus years of experience offered by attorney J. Karl Tran. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will be in good hands from the start of your case until the finish.

Are Creditors Threatening You?

Bill collectors make a lot of threats. Some of them are legitimate. Threats of foreclosure and repossession should be taken seriously. However, some creditors will overstep their bounds and threaten you with jail time. Others may threaten wage garnishment, which is not something that creditors can do in South Carolina. We will protect you from the real threats.

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