Divorce And Bankruptcy Law

Divorce and bankruptcy are two areas of law that frequently overlap. This is not surprising, since money problems are one of the most common sources of disputes during a marriage, and after a divorce people are often left with major financial consequences.

When you choose The Tran Law Firm in Columbia, South Carolina, you will work with a bankruptcy attorney who also has divorce and family law experience. In other words, we know the divorce process. We know how to interpret and understand divorce orders. We know how to thoroughly assess your situation, looking at it from all angles, to determine the most appropriate method for moving forward.

Filing Bankruptcy During A Divorce

You may be thinking about bankruptcy during your divorce or perhaps even before the process has begun. One of the issues addressed during a divorce is division of debt, and if there is substantial debt this will be a major concern. We will review your case to determine whether it makes sense for you to file bankruptcy prior to your divorce, either individually or jointly with your spouse. Filing bankruptcy may be able to temporarily halt the process, which may be beneficial to buy you time to get things in order and hire a family lawyer.

Filing Bankruptcy After A Divorce

The transition from a two-income household to a single-income household can be very tough on people. It is a difficult adjustment to make. Some people leave the marriage with a large share of the marital debt, and add to it as they adjust to the new cost of living. If you have found yourself with debt that is out of control after your divorce, we can help.

Child Support And Alimony

It is important to understand that child support and alimony payments cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy may provide options for getting caught up. We will educate you about the benefits of bankruptcy after divorce.

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