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January 2016 Archives

Tori Spelling may be in need of debt relief

Even celebrities like Tori Spelling of "Beverly Hills 90210" fame can have financial troubles, just like many South Carolina residents who are overwhelmed by debts do. Media reports citing her husband, Food Network host Dean McDermott, allege that an outstanding balance of $40,000 has prompted American Express to file a lawsuit against her. A source close to the 42-year-old Spelling expressed surprise that other credit card companies that she owes money to have not sued her as well.

Tags: Personal Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 petition filed by HealthSpot

According to court documents, health kiosk company HealthSpot has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, under which the company's assets will be liquidated in order to pay its creditors. The move came after reports that the company would be closing.

Tags: Chapter 7

Student loan debts can complicate bankruptcy

Many South Carolinians have experienced financial hardships due partially to mounting student loan debts. Some may file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a last resort to resolve their debts with the impression that it will solve their student loan issues along with their other obligations. However, student loans can be considerably more difficult to discharge in bankruptcy filings than other debts.

Tags: Chapter 7

Reducing credit card debt in South Carolina

According to a report from, 21 percent of those who carry credit card debt believe that they will never get out of it. That is up from 9 percent in 2013. However, there are steps that an individual can take to overcome a large debt. The first step is to create a budget, get better at tracking expenses and look for balance transfer offers whenever possible.

Tags: Credit Card Debt

Surprise medical bills are a common problem

Many patients who visit emergency rooms in South Carolina are surprised by the medical bills that they receive later on. Because health plan designs have changed, there is a lot of confusion that can lead to unexpected medical bills. Even if patients make sure to use a hospital or clinic that is within their health plan's network, they could get a bill for treatment from an out-of-network healthcare provider.

Tags: Medical Debt

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